The Darker Side of Slash Fan Fiction :

Essays on Power, Consent and the Body

作者:Ashton Spacey



Fan authors, community moderators and metacampaigners have worked for years to make fandom more intersectional, inclusive and kink- friendly. Their work has been instrumental in developing and moderating the safe interpretive spaces which fan communities aim to provide. However, fandom is comprised of members with vastly different cultural assumptions and individual reading positions, all co- existing within shared communities. Dissent,conflict, discussion and mediation are always ongoing, ensuring that an involvement with slash fiction and fandom in general has always been a learning process; one which results in constantly evolving discourses about the nature of slash and some of its more problematic elements. In organizing this book and learning about elements of slash fiction which i'd never even considered before, I've had my limited perspectives broadened. I have been introduced to debates about the ideological and interpretive conflicts within fan communities, and about the ways in which discrimination and power operate within and shape fandom's safe spaces. With this collection, we hope to be able to contribute to ongoing conversations about slash fiction and supplement them with some new discussions about some of its less celebrated elements. 

*同人创作空间并不全然是乌托邦式的空间。读者有不同的文化假设、阅读位置、个人喜好,这些都使这个粉丝共同分享的空间变得不那么友善、不那么安全,让它有争吵、冲突,有主流和非主流,有歧视(因为喜好也被划分好坏,欲望也划分干净和肮脏),与权力关系。这本书揭露的就是社群中的daker side。

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