Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy, and Popular Literature

作者:Janice A. Radway
出版社:University of North Carolina Press
出版时间:November 30, 1991

Chapter 3 The Act of Reading the Romance: Escape and Instruction

Because the women always responded to my query about their reasons for reading with comments about the pleasures of the act itself rather than about their liking for the particulars of the romantic plot, I soon realized I would have to give up my obsession with textual features and narrative details if I wanted to understand their view of romance reading. Once I recognized this it became clear that romance reading was important to the Smithton women first because the simple event of picking up a book enabled them to deal with the particular pressures and tensions encountered in their daily round of activities. Although I learned later that certain aspects of the romance's story do help to make this event especially meaningful,the early interviews were interesting because they focused so resolutely on the significance of the act of romance reading rather than on the meaning of the romance.


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